yoga therapy program level 1 certificate - foundations

For Certified Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Ayurveda Health Counselors or Practitioners, Licensed Medical Professionals. This five month program is designed to provide the Practitioner with a comprehensive study of how to expand your expertise serving and creating the space for clients to heal on a deeper level using therapeutic yoga. It will provide an in-depth experiential study of the structural and energetic body in Asana. Segments will cover 36 Asanas, biomechanics, alignment, postural assessments, modifications, adjustments and more. The focus of the certificate training is to give the Practitioner new skills while working with individuals in a one-to-one setting using various assessment methods and protocols from a therapeutic yoga perspective.Various Muscular Skeletal Disorders protocols from an Ayurveda prospective will also be introduced and covered in depth at Level 2 Ayurveda Yoga Therapy for Muscular Skeletal Disorders.

This program will provide you with a clinical and structural study of the human body in asana. Kinesiology, pathology, muscle palpation, muscular origin and insertion will be studied along with a clear breakdown of pose biomechanics and alignment and more…  

  • Be introduced to yogaspirit®‘s Therapeutic application of Asana. 
  • Understand Anatomical Landmarks in Asana. 
  • Learn important Biomechanic function in asana. 
  • Learn yogaspirit®’s 35 Foundational Asanas. 
  • Learn yogaspirit®’s 13 unique Asana Techniques. 
  • Learn yogaspirit®‘s Eight Characteristics of a Beginner Body methodology. 
  • Learn special Restorative yoga postures. 
  • Develop a keen eye for asana refinement. 
  • Be introduced to the art of adjusting and modifying asanas based on you and your students' specific needs and always from a point of safety. 
  • Understand "safety anchors" and key actions and the importance to approach practice plans with them in mind. 

In addition, you will learn strategies to work with chronic and acute therapeutic modifications, better understand contract-indications and learn how assess and modify practice requirements in a therapeutic set-ting and more…  

  • Learn Therapeutic Modifications, Applied kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology. 
  • Learn Mind-Body Therapeutic techniques that reach root cause level and are based on neuro-plasticity concepts and principles. 
  • Learn the Ayurvedic principles that support your understanding of preventative yoga therapy treatment plans. 
  • Become proficient at teaching the Inner Practices of yoga: Pranayama & Meditation for stress management. 

This course includes a series of evaluations that will challenge your critical thinking in various poses to determine and assess weaknesses or key areas of limitation. All participants will learn the importance of obtaining a healthy history, including a review of stress factors, breath and Autonomic Nervous System functioning, and a look at lifestyle considerations for optimal health.  

Personal case studies will be designed to discuss the assessment process, treatment planning, documentation, collection of evidence based re-search, consultations and working with individuals who have complex health histories.  


$1,490 plus one-time books and materials of $131.00. 

Students meet for in-class Instruction on the following weekends:  9-5:30 PM Sat. & Sun. 

Yogaspirit® Certified 200 Hour Teachers may take Assessment weekend only: $300.

Call for current locations and offerings (978) 927-0099



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“I recommend the yogaspirit® 200-hour Teacher Training to any individual interested in deepening their personal practice and wanting to learn compassionate and skillful teachings that will support experiencing their connection to themselves and the beloved more deeply and fully.” -K.G.
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