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RYS 200

The Sacred Life™ Course was developed to help you better understand the subtle deeper, mental and spiritual teachings of yoga and be introduced to the teachings of Ayurveda. Eventually, the practitioner of yoga asana who has seen glimpses of mental clarity, emotional stability and flashes of enlightenment on the yoga mat, becomes interested in the original teachings of yoga and Ayurveda and desires to be in harmony with Self, relationships and the natural world. 

This course explores how the ancient yogic tea
chings can inform your modern day life and help liberate your perceptions, behaviors, habits, tendencies and relationships that would otherwise keep you stuck and unhappy. You will realize that yoga is a personal path and that practices can be different according to temperament and dosha. This course will cover:

Sacred Life I:

  • Understand the principles of Samkhya Philosophy, the orientation of your Mind and the nature of Consciousness as it seeks for liberation. Learn about the path of the Seeker and how to recognize your "Sacred Self" as the inner guide and guru.
  • You will be introduced to the Raja Yoga Eight Limbs, the three Sadhanas, Naadam and Primordial Sound. Begin the study of how to practice the first of the Three Sadhanas in order to implement changes that set the foundation to align yourself to your true nature.
  • You will study the History of Yoga, the Paths of yoga and the various styles that are practiced to give you the perspective on how to practice and teach yoga after this course.
  • Learn the qualities of a teacher and prepare for the transformation you will make while stepping onto the teacher's mat as you become a leader of positive change.
  • Discover the inner practices, in the context of your unfolding consciousness and practice pranayama in a way that helps you to integrate the common principles of the sister sciences (Yoga and Ayurveda).

Sacred Life II:

  • Ayurveda- Through the Science of Life (Ayurveda) you will be introduced to your Unique Constitution (Dosha). You will learn how to recognize the habits, tendencies, attitudes and reactions that lead your healthy or unhealthy actions. You will come to understand the destined path disease will take based on you Dosha and more importantly, through the science of life, learn what you can do to mitigate, reverse, or better yet, completely heal yourself to have optimal health and better quality of life.
  • Understand the six stages of disease (samprapti) and discover how to spot warning signs that go unnoticed by the average person. Learn how modern medicine only focuses on treating once disease has entered the later stages and become informed on how to make the simple prevention lifestyle changes which will radically change how you experience your state of health at any stage of disease.
  • Learn about cleansing and purification protocols and commit to choosing one, then practicing it firsthand. Learn the logic and science behind why having the right lifestyle and yogic practices makes all the difference in your ability to have health, harmony, and balance.
  • You will continue to learn philosophical teaching, specific pranayama techniques and other inner practices introduced in Sacred Life I as you learn about the Second Sadhana.
  • Learn why "You are the Remedy" and what every healer and teacher needs to know about Purusha, Prakriti and Prana in order to wake up the intelligence of nature within and project your aura of healing towards Self and others.  

Sacred Life III:

  • In Sacred Life 3 the practiced of the Third Sadhana are emphasized and students are taken through the study of Subtle Anatomy to understand the embodiment of consciousness.
  • Kriya, Mantra, Mudras, Meditation, Contemplation are covered as we explore energy centers such as Chakras, Nadis, and the process of Kundalini Shakti awakening.
  • Practice Kundalini Yoga and learn more about Shabda Yoga.
  • Learn about the 5 Koshas and 2 more Koshas to gain a deeper and understanding of the concept Turiya, moving beyond the Gunas for complete healing. 
  • Various Key yoga sutras will be covered to help you understand the nature of your mind, ego and innate intelligence. You will be introduced to Siddhas and yogic powers as you study Yoga as the path to liberation.

Sacred Life IV:

  • A personal shift and transformation occurs on a personal level for those who truly want deep change towards healing and evolving spiritually.
  • Emphasis is placed on the practices of meditation as a foundation for higher development of contemplation and direct perception. Various practices will be introduced.
  • A continuation of additional key Yoga Sutras will be covered and students will be able to grasp a new way to identify with themselves and lay a solid foundation for a life long study of these teachings.
  • We will learn about the story of creation, the mythical iconography of Shiva Nataraj (Royal Dancer) and participate in the story of Nataraj on a personal level in Yogaspirit's Dance Yoga choreographed by Kim Valeri.
  • The group concludes the course in Satsang with Kirtain and Bhakti Yoga.

The intention is to put practitioners on a path that leads to Self and Spiritual Realization. As the mind and the sensory perceptions are turned inward, a natural and spiritual attunement begins to inform thoughts and feelings from which words and deeds result. The more skillful a student becomes over time, the greater their internal expansion, spiritual perception and purification of thoughts and words will be in order to navigate life with grace and freedom.  

This course can be taken alone to enhance your education on yogic philosophies or as a component of the yogaspirit® Teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certifications. It exceeds all the Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics requirements set forth by the National Yoga Alliance.

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“In my own life, my yoga practice and the yogaspirit® training have deepened my faith immensely. Through my studying, it has given me permission to do what has always felt right - follow my intuition, trust my breath, accept all people, study with determination but openness, love life fully and simply. This is leading me back to myself, allowing me to recognize this divine within myself." -M.F.