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RYS 200This course was created to help you understand the natural progression and changes a body will go through during the journey of practice from newcomer to a seasoned practitioner. We will look at biomechanics from the lens of understanding seven (7) key characteristics of the beginner body to the energetic aims to poses. We will also learn how to better understand how to be our own best teacher and how to begin to understand how to teach from a point of safety to others.

This course covers a 36-pose curriculum, partnering assists, use of props and other methods and techniques to help you to deepen your own personal practice and understand universal principles of alignment. You will develop a keen eye for asana refinement and objectivity and be introduced to the art of teaching, adjusting and modifying asanas based on you and your students' specific needs. You will learn about yogaspirit®'s "safety anchors" and "key actions" that help the practitioner find greater stability and flexibility.

Asana is a practice that offers good health and longevity to those who practice. Longevity offers the opportunity to have experiences that enable you to grow more emotionally and spiritually mature through time. Asana creates space, energy and physical freedom that can lead to inner freedom such as genuine happiness and life harmony.

As always, yogaspirit® is about going deep inside to discover the spirit behind the yoga asana. You will be trained in guiding others with precision and alignment that allows for safe, therapeutic based practice. Kim creates a noncompetitive environment whereby students are invited to explore and open energetic pathways that lead to inner grace and well-being.

This course can be taken alone to enhance and deepen your personal practice or as a component to Kim Valeri's 200 Hour Teacher Certification.

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“I recommend the yogaspirit® 200-hour Teacher Training to any individual interested in deepening their personal practice, wanting to learn compassionate and skillful teachings, an continue experiencing their connection to themselves and the beloved more deeply and fully.” -K.G.